Sunday Times & David Bullard launch…

…well I don’t know what, but after watching the David Bullard videos via YouTube on Groogle, (UPDATE: or watch on David Bullard’s recently launched blog) I’ve got this gut feeling that it’s not just about David Bullard launching a blog….

it’s not just about a reaction from the blogosphere…

it’s not even the Sunday Times launching a 2.0 strategy…(although maybe that’s what it’s all really about)

But i’ve got this feeling that the entire David Bullard / groogle / Sunday Times events of the last 24 hours have been carefully planned.

All publicity is good publicity!

Traffic is Traffic is Traffic!

I’ve got a feeling that all will be revealed shortly.

What I’m not sure about yet is whether Mail & Guardian net Guru’s Matt Buckland and Vincent Maher are working with David Bullard / Groogle / Sunday Times on this one…

…but nothing would surprise me.

Ah, there you are Mr Stopforth *grin*

Eric EdelsteinSunday Times & David Bullard launch…
Vaughn says:

I’m sure David can ask for a raise soon, because this whole freakout in the blogosphere is just driving more traffic to Even though it’s negative publicity, google’s still pushing their pagerank up.

Still don’t understand why everyone’s made such a big deal of it. Columnists always try and piss off some group that’s not likely to send them death threats to try and generate publicity.

Hi Eric – NOT GUILTY!! This time :-) Matt

Antowan says:

One thing this whole saga is doing, is getting people who have been surface bloggers, to delve deeper into the belly of this very interesting beast. :)

If this was a strat session steered effort by Bullard and the folks as Sunday Times, then it is one of the most brilliant coups in South African online history. It cannot be bad. He still has to apologize though…

Eric says:

coz you seem to be all over at the moment so wouldn’t be surprised if you were involved in this

(but u just told me on our skype chat that you weren’t)

so was more a cheeky smile !

Mike says:

Grin? Am I missing something?

Eric says:

Added to the people directory along with your blog….

Eric says:

I’ve haven’t checked out the Bullard blog – what’s the URL?

Groogle says:

Your gut feeling is very wrong Eric, but a great idea if Bullard would have past his column to us first. As you can notice, the Bullard blog runs on platform, surely not a platform we would have chosen if this was planned, since we’re not benefiting from the hits.

I get the feeling that the idea that this was planned acts as a great comfort for all those reacting to emotionally and now seeing Bullard in his element.