Eric’s List of South African Blogger Salaries…Are you on the List?

Paula Neal Mooney is making a name for herself with a home-made list of webmaster and bloggers income. The list doesn’t mean much as it’s information she’s gleaned off the net of ONLY those who disclose their income.

Like Rosalind Gardener who is number 5 on the list with an annual income of $436,797.00 – PROBLEM: Rosalind has been disclosing that number for YEARS! I watched a DVD of her speaking at Yanik’s underground seminar, and she disclosed that number – and that was TWO years ago.

But Paula’s research got me thinking about how much money South African bloggers are making.

There are 3 types of bloggers in South Africa – bloggers who are looking to make online based money from their blogs, bloggers who are building for offline benefits (financial and credibility), and all other bloggers.

Type 1 Bloggers write postings about life, events, sport, news, marketing, blogging (this one is BIG), webmastering, social etc and they’re not thinking about the money in a big way – they’re just writing!

Type 2 Bloggers are looking to build up long term credibility, so that the money will flow from other avenues. ( is an example as I’m not looking to make online money out of this blog otherwise i’d have adsense and affiliate links plasted all over the site)

And then you get Type 3 Bloggers who are looking to make money from their blogs – get the page impressions as high as possible, and either add some sponsorships, affiliate links, or adsense to their sites. South African bloggers mainly use affiliate networks such as South African based affiliate network or adsense to make money.

But we don’t have the aggressive money making blog company’s such as Pay per Post motivating South African’s to make money from their blogs. (and that’s probably a good thing, although it’s only a matter of time till a “pay per post” company launches in SA)

So who is making money from their blogs DIRECTLY?

Most South African blogs that have adsense or affiliate banners on them DON’T disclose their revenue.

But after racking my brain, here is Eric’s list of bloggers in South Africa who are making money through direct online methods:

Eric’s List:

1. Vincent Maher – has been given a sponsorship by Virgin Money to write a blog about financial SENSE!

2 Upwards – Not Known

How can we make this list more meaningful?

*** Are you prepared to disclose your direct earnings from your blog through sponsorships, advertising, affiliate links or ecommerce? (not through indirect work gained). Let me know… ***

Eric EdelsteinEric’s List of South African Blogger Salaries…Are you on the List?
Wicked Mike says:

I received approximately 200 000 page views the past year. Earnings = zero. Such is life.

juddy says:

Very encouraging especially for the starters.

This is good. I’m so glad to see that the list the Lord gave me is inspiring plenty of off-shoot lists and more-detailed niches!

Rock on, Eric!