Return on Effort

How does one measure Return on Effort? Today was one of those crazy days where a quick Vida coffee meeting turned into a tornado.

It started with a facebook conversation where I sent a message to someone I didn’t know but wanted to know – within 12 hours we had sent a number of messages back and forward to one another. This is the type of person that has a PA answering their phone at ALL times, and it’s impossible to get through to them, but through the power of facebook networking, we communicated directly, and although it didn’t turn out the way I hoped, the ultimate outcome was a SIGNIFICANT potential new revenue stream for one of the business’s I’m involved in.

Return on Effort – Brilliant – it took a little bit of research to find the right person on facebook, and some innovative thought process to make sure my message to him wasn’t the same as the others all trying to facebook SPAM him. So the Return on Effort was HIGH.

Then I hung out with Vin and Llewellyn for awhile – I discussed a few ideas with them, and these ideas will likely turn into REAL business’s in the weeks to come.

So once again the Return on Effort was high.

I find intellectual knowledge returns the highest Return on Effort for me as there is no manual labour involved. But it’s the follow up that requires the additional effort to make the deals actually materialise, and that is probably an area that I need to become better at, as the ideas are there, the deals are done, but it’s taking it to ACTUAL materilization that requires EXTRA EFFORT (and because the follow up isn’t my passion, that part of the process often is not as effective as it should be.)

And then I had some bantering with Vin over SEO, as he told me that he was listed high for the phrase “Return on Effort” on google, and I laughingly told him that I’d challenge him for the “Return on Effort” spot. But having looked at the actual rank, Vin doesn’t rank number 1 for “Return on Effort”. He is listed at number TWO and THREE. So is the Return on Effort that I just made to obtain the number 1 spot on the “Return on Effort” phrase going to be worth it? 

Eric EdelsteinReturn on Effort

Returning your effort in responding to my blog on facebook v. myspace. If I don’t write that piece, then I don’t find you, and don’t discover what you do and vice versa. Pleasure to keep your blog handy. Let’s see what happens next.

Phazzie says:


This sounds very interesting.
You gave me an very encrypted message on my blog :)

The language on my blog is Swedish btw, if you didn´t know…


Eric says:

that was quick – number 7

Jenna says:

Good luck :)
Sounds interesting
Keep me posted……

Chris M says:

Congrats on the new lead mate!