Are people not on Facebook losing touch with reality?

A large argument took place at a friends dinner table in JHB on Tuesday night. The discussion wasn’t whether people were spending too much time on Facebook or whether Facebook was a waste of time.

Rather, one of the people at the table, who had previously used Facebook, announced that he was no longer using Facebook, as he didn’t believe it was reality.

Reality too him was sitting at the patio table in the garden with a couple other people, having a beer and enjoying a smoke – and TALKING to the rest of the people! Face to face interaction!

But as one of the guys quickly pointed out to him, if 700 Million people have joined Facebook and are using it on a regular basis, then has the “reality balance” swung, so that if you are not living in the world of Facebook & other social media, you’re not seeing the perception …

… that others are seeing?

I still watch the news on TV, and read news on websites, but on a frequent basis – usually when I first wake up, and again just before I go to sleep, I scan the latest newsfeeds of my contacts, friends & acquaintances, on Facebook & a few other social media sites. And if a large number of them are speaking about the same topic, then it gets my attention. (or if it’s a few people speaking about something, but they are “influencers”, then it will also get my attention).

We also spoke about the young kids in today’s world – one recent story said all kids in a primary school were being given iPads. So the reality is that in a few years time, the new generation will never know what it was like to live without technology, such as Mobile Phones, & Social Media (regardless of whether it is Facebook or Twitter, or a new dominant player in the space, there is a new way of information sharing).

So if you’re not one of the 700 Million on Facebook who are embracing this new way of life, are you losing touch with the NEW reality?

Eric EdelsteinAre people not on Facebook losing touch with reality?