Heard of the Put Foot Rally? Why my brother in law has p***ed me off!!

A few months back I heard about the most amazing event taking place. A couple of guys, are adventuring through Africa in June, visiting multiple places where they are handing out shoes. It’s exploration & social goodness all rolled into one.

But it was long sold out!

And then I heard that my brother-in-law, had got a Willy Wonka Golden VIP ticket – he had one of the coveted spots, and was one of the 8 people in his team that are going on this life changing adventure.

So it’s more jealousy than being upset with him – but in a good way of course.

And now that the June date is drawing near, they’re doing some awesome stuff to raise money and awareness for the trip. I usually get about a dozen people asking me to do PR type blog posts a week – some paid, some just cheeky – and I always say NO, unless I really want to write about it.

Luckily when my BIL (# for Brother in Law going forward) asked me to mention their event this friday night, I didn’t have to say NO, coz I think it’s an amazing event.

Details below…


The write up about the Put Foot Rally Party:

Bookmark Africa – The Launch Party

To kick off their brand and begin their adventure as a powerhouse team in the Put Foot Rally 2013 www.putfootrally.co.za , Bookmark Africa (www.bookmarkafrica.org) is hosting its Launch Party this Friday night at Butterfly Studios.
There is literally nothing better to do this weekend than be there. DJs playing are Brett Aitken, Glenn, Bruce Willis and more and the team has several surprises in store. Drinks will be cheap, music will be loud and vibes will be freakin awesome.
R20 gets you in, another R30 gets you a couple of beers for your chicks and another R40 gets you a lap dance from the sexiest chicken in town.

Stu Shapiro Photography will be making sure they get your good side, and in case they don’t there will be a retro photo booth spitting out polaroid all night!

The Bookmark Africa Team is a crew of 7 okes and a bodacious chicken named Patriçiõ who are raising awareness and funds for their rally in June and their cause, the Put Foot Foundation. (www.putfootfoundation.org)
One of the Bookmark Africa sponsors, 1Way, is providing an amazing service. For only R9 a Km, they will get you and your car home safely, smoothly and refreshingly. This offer is exclusive to BMA party goers!

Check out www.1way.co.za for more info.

Friday the 15th — 8 Bree Street — Bookmark Africa —- Legendary



Eric EdelsteinHeard of the Put Foot Rally? Why my brother in law has p***ed me off!!