Angel Investors in South Africa

Angel Investing

I’ve been speaking to a number of journalists in South Africa and abroad recently about the state of the angel investor market in South Africa.

The Sunday Times published some of my comments yesterday.

I look forward to the day when entrepreneurs have easier access in South Africa to the Angel network.

Eric EdelsteinAngel Investors in South Africa
Obakeng Manopole says:

Angel Investors Needed for a business that’s simply going to take Fixed Broadband internet to where Cellphones are today. Email me for more information.

davison matanga says:

i have developed a mobile software that enables anyone with a cellphone to be able to backup their contacts to a remote server. It works for all mobile handsets. There is no competing software on the market. f a phone is stolen or if numbers are lost through some mishap, the backup will restore all backed-up numbers to the sim card.

The software is downloadable and once downloaded, can back up all numbers/contacts on a sim card. Can you imagine, how many people lose thir phone contacts for many different reasons. There is no competing product in SA which would make this software the first of its kind. For example, if a monthly fee of R30 rand is charged for this software, I can foresee thousands of people subscribing to this service.

Jean-Pierre Rademeyer says:

Hi I need a angel investor for a company that we want to start on the lower south coast. R600,000 20% partnership for life. God Bless JP Rademeyer

Jean-Pierre Rademeyer says:

Hi I need a angel investor that can help usstart up a big company that has a huge potential on the lower South Coast KwaZulu-Natal. I need atleast R600,000 to make it work properly and make the business different than the rest. I am willing to give 20% partnership for life in this business if I can get a angel investor to support me.
God Bless
JP Rademeyer

Christina Basson says:

Hi there

Sorry ,not sur where to start. Have a magnificant piece of land overlooking the umgeni wild reserve.This is in Merrivale Natal,South Africa.
I was thinking od erecting a STEP DOWN facilaty for elderly patients,since these old people are discharged far too early from hospitals. I have a great idea and DONT know how to start. Please can you let me know who to contact for interested investors. Thanks Christina Basson

LINDA says:


Deep Angel says:

Hey Angels out there, we want to start up our own recording studio and need the capital of R300 000 just to get the studio equipment and also want to start a DJ Mobile business… we can’t pay a start up fee… no chancers or spammers please!!!! email us at :

Thulani says:

Rural Development in South Africa.

I have started work in rural areas to speak to cheifs so they allocate hectors of land for agricultural projects. Projects can include vegitables fields, piggery, chicken projects, stock farming and many more.

I need American/Canadian companies to partner.They bring investment and take up to 49% and the chiefs to gother with me share the 51%. The investor bring technology and materials and the technical know how, siol testing and so on.

I have already contacted 16 chiefs who agreed to give us 160 ha of land in total.


Theo Turton says:

I am looking for funding )R250,000) to establish a dental practice in a prime location in Kwazulu-Natal.
I have 11 years experiance building and managing successfull dental practices. The min. expected turn over is R150,000 per month.

Louise Grobbelaar says:

Hi, I have this brilliant idea bin working on it for at least, forever, banks aren’t interested, fiends are all broke, family is hopeless, I don’t have any capital, a friend will put up her house for this purpose though. I need about R500 000-00 and can make a minimum potential R222 000-00 per month, with the equipment I can buy in the UK. I have bin baby sitting other peoples businesses for too long, Its my turn now,

Please let me show you what I have.

Themba says:


I have recently started a Public Relations consultancy in Cape Town. I have quoted jobs worth about R1000 000.00 already. I’m just waiting for feedback regarding these.

At the moment I need about R50k for cashflow purposes.

Please advise!!!

naseem says:

Hi i need R500k to start up a call centre in cape town great product to save people money in these stuff times

justice says:

hie am looking for angel investors help to launch a project to take in land southern africa modern technology goods and return with minerals for trade in south africa or world market

Looking for an Angel Investor to help fulfill my business plan. Plan is active and already have potential business opportunities. Need seed capital to get going. Plan is based on Digital Media Networks and Digital Billboards. Objective is to establishing recurring revenue from sale of Digital Advertising time slots.
Need 600k to secure these opportunities, revenue potential is R 200 000 per month per Digital Billboard

Mario Venter says:

Hi i have a real great patend that i want to make one of them and sell it. It will prevent 45% less accidents on the roads anywhere in the world . safe alot of lifes . I need a investor that will provide me with the capital to make the first one . I would be partnership with the investor 50/50 . Could get +- R50M When sold . It would safe the Goverment and all the insurance companies millions a year. Please if u are interested in helping me plerase contact me on 0722399052 or 0825922749 E-Mail –
Thank you

Karl says:

I don’t need much startup capital, just around N$200k – N$400k. 50% share in a new IT company based in Namibia.

Carl says:

Hello Eric,
I read in the above comments that you are interested in IT projects. If this remains the case I would like to pitch a IT proposal to you and your network of angel investors.

Melvin says:

We are looking for serious investors in our call centre training business as an equity partner or a funded loan.

If you interested, please let me know.

Shaun says:

Hi, I have an online Casino and am expanding on my own and require a mere R1.7M for a 49% stake! It cost us 5 years and almost R10M to start initially, so this is a good deal 12 month projections $80-$150K pm profit-HALF OF THAT IS YOURS!

This is one of the most regulated and difficult industries to get in to these days – I gaurentee you wont be sorry.

Ryan says:

Hi there,

I have conceptulised and blue printed a concept for the internet, that will revolutionise the web ans communities all over the world. I can hear you saying, ja whatever, but really imagine a platform used more than google and facebook combined.

I have developed a prototyp software model, but need R50-R100M to excecute phase 1 in SA. T/O expected to be R60M pm for SA alone.

This concept is to the internet, what the internet was to the world 15 years ago. Serious induviduals who want to change the world please mail me

Nicky says:

I need help wih capital of R250.000 please no upfront costs and all that nonsense. This is not a joke and please no scammers

Stuart Reid says:

Hi, I have had my own construction business for the last 12 years, I own 21 plots within a town house complex in Uitenhage (Eastern Cape), it is a upmarket area, I just need someone to believe in me & assist me with funding to build a spec unit in the complex, and I believe once that is built, I will be able to sell all the other 20 units from that, I am looking for R380 000.00, I will make it a viable investment for anyone who assists me. Everything is legal, and attorney agreements will be put in place, please I just need someone to believe in me. No chancers, and I am not prepared to pay any sort of upfront fees before I can get the funding.

Ryan says:

If I had all the money in the world, I would the most alone and unhappy.

A ‘true-ish’ story to sharpen with humour the pointed end.

Many many years, He (or She) who made / invented that fantastic piece of technology known today as, “The Wheel”. looked on in awe and was regarded then by the world around him (her) as the most ‘gifted’ and ‘advanced’ person alive……… Yet, they still felt it right to mock him and laughed at the idea and wondered whatever would they need it for.!

A million years later this wheel still serves us well but it’s just so rudely ‘pre-elementary’. But, we have evovled, (gone round?), and grown into giants of our world and will not be awed so easily anymore, which must now be earned and paid for with googling earths in our pockets.

My point is this around the corner……..

So, so far as my and your and our societal “tweetingfoursidedspacefaces” are concerned, simply we cant help but look at ourselves acutely and at yet just another wheel and wonders, ‘what on earth for’………

Buit I am confident that in a hundred years or less will undoubtedly be surpassed by something so outrageoulsy ultra techy and super alien advanced and simple as telepathy.

(Which ofcourse, we all know at our birth and before being “wheeled out” to pasture, forgotten in relentless condition and undending pursuits of what we dont have, but we want because the guy down the road does.)

And even more so, because we are the Kings nd Queens and rulers of our worlds we walk on inside our pockets.

We know that the sun will always come up tommorow until it doesnt. And even though we too know that the only possible way to see ahead and into the future, is by looking behind us, we wont. Because maybe, just maybe, we can be awed even just a little once more.

Worldwide a “single product” in a broader industry is estimated at an absurd amount of a Trillion US Dollars a month saw a rainbowed ”middle-man” company posting R18bn for the year in South Africa alone boasting only a 60% market share from someone elses wheel.!

I can add the engine, some comfortable seats, with a roof and doors and windows. All we need is a handle bar, a navigator with a map, a mechanic with a leatherman and some pad-kos and all gold arrows and go see the big cheese in the sky………. Oh, yeah and we need some gas.

Ajmal says:


I am looking for an investor to assist in financing the launch of a new product. The product usage will be worldwide and there is none like it. The technology is in use, however, not for my project use. the idea is very simple, but i need finance and advice in terms of patenting.

Thank you

Julian says:

Hi Eric

We have been in the Computer Hardware Industry for the past 13 years – we are Computer Dealers and over the years we’ve noticed who ever came in as a supplier whom we would buy from always ended up going directly into our end users as we’ve always had the right clients. IT’s our time to shine and we still have the right contacts.What we need is working capital, cash flow as we are a small HDI family business based in Cape Town. We require investors so that we can tackle the big boys when we tender pricing and to push stock we would not normally beable to due to not having the capital to aquire the stock. 15% share in company if the right amount is invested.We have the business and clients, we need the running capital.

We are currently purchasing two very lucrative restaurants in Gauteng, South Africa. The one is a Franchise Business (DROS) and the other one of Pretoria’s longest standing, elite restaurants.
We are wanting to make small loans from Investors (say from around R100,000) to fund the Acquisitions. We are prepared to pay 18% Interest per year, on a monthly basis to provide monthly incomes. If interested, please contact us. Thanks. Louis

Michael says:

I need to borrow R50k and pay it back over 10 years @ 10% interest. Can you help?

patrick naicker says:


im looking for an investor to help start up a night club….

contact me , no chancer’s

Stefanie says:

We stay on a plot and already built a enclosed lapa of 100m2 were 50 – 70 people can be seated we want to expand it with beautiful gardens and rooms we need money to do the start up and the set up, is there anybody who is interested to be a sleeping partner to help us set up this venue at this moment there is no venues in the surrounding area, and affordable venues are surely not available in Centurion and surrounding areas, we want to do something different please feel to contact me on the email

Victor says:

Been in business since 2002. Secured R8M term loan in 2005 to acquire my competitor. T/O R16 M per Annum Gross Profit 35% in the past four years. Have national contracts currently operated on behalf by third parties. Distribute Coca-Cola, Nestle, Cadbury and Frito/Lay Simba chips. Cash business daily. Ready to expand to R60 M per annum T/O in two years. Need R5M Loan or equity or combination. Busines Plan 2005 – 2010 and 2010 – 2015 availabel on request.

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Ray says:

Hello i’m from gauteng in soweto i’m currently wanna start my own sports bar in soweto but we in need of a start capital we just complited our business plan we just need an investor or a loan to successfuly start our enterprise


I am looking for an investor or investors that can help me by funding a Franchise. It is an American based company, but they have franchises all over the world except Africa. It is a weight loss program and that has been very successful.

I worked for the company in the United States, I also did the program, so I know 100% that it works, I lost all the extra weight and kept it off.

Please respond, if you know of any one that might be interested in investing in a leading weight-management service company in the world, and also interested in making a positive impact on the lives of our clients and the health of our nation. Please let me know.

Thanks Chisha Chilangwa

Adri says:

Who it may Concern,

I want to start my own Baby Clothes “supplying” Company, (2 supply good quality but not that expensive clothing 2 mommys 2 be), but need finances to buy my stock.

Dont need that much money to start.

Thank you,


Sandile says:


I need a 40% partner who can contribute 5million rands to my business. In just three months this business can have gross profits of in an around R8m/month.

Contact me if interested,

Eric says:

just an update that i’m now once again an entrepreneur, and focusing 100% on building up another company. best of success in 2010 with your ventures. E

Sharon says:

Hi Eric

I am a founder and owner of a passenger transport company in Gauteng – servicing mainly corporate clients. Since launching almost 12 months ago, we have enjoyed phenomenal growth including private clients, without much marketing and advertising. We have received numerous enquiries (from private individuals) to join our company and operate under our brand

Safety, reliability and affordability are our main focus and differentiator. Due to lack of funding, my partners and I used our limited resources to launch and grow the venture.
We however knew all along that our own resources would get us only this far and would need funding to grow to the next level.

We are looking for funding (R2m) at most to position the company and proceed with our franchise plans and marketing the service

khumo says:

Hi everyone.

I have this innovate and feasible internet business concept. I have done research and with the help of my brother who is an IT Manager. I now have a more insight on both the technical and financial aspect of this business that I want to venture into.
I have drawn up a business plan and now I am looking for an investor for my start up internet business.
Please advice how do you go about finding an investor.

Amanda says:

I have secured(signed) contracts to the value of R5M, to supply school uniforms, but now i need investors to pay for my orders, as start up capital – Debtor finance. Willing to give a share of the business to the investor.

Please respond ASAP , as i am already late for January 2010.

Johan says:

Just a note to all seeking funding from investors.

Countless hours of work and sweat goes into what we are trying to accomplish and with no sucess, we spent hours on the web and large amounts of money we lay awake nights wondering what will be, Site after site after site hands us ideas on how to secure investors yet with no answers. we all believe that our idea is the next wow, well keep on believing it and keep on believing in yourself and your idea “It is not the amount of times we fall but rather the amount of times we stand up that matters” so keep on and you will in the end prevail.

Good luck.

Johan says:

Hi Eric

I am in need for venture capital in the amount of R70, 000, 000, 00 have already invested R1 100, 000 of my own funds these funds are needed for the following: Markateerz heralds a new era in business; a revolutionary multimedia marketing platform integrated within an all encompassing corporate hub.

Captivating architecture complimented by chic art-deco styling, positions Markateerz second to none.
Designed to cater to the intricate needs of both service professionals and multinational corporations with equal ease, the integration of sophisticated infrastructure into world class facilities ensures Markateerz to be the preferred business address for prestigious corporate bodies, the quintessential business venue.

Positioned as the corporate authority, Markateerz offers unprecedented business networking and brand exposure through the innovation of an international network consisting of niche consumer friendly business communities conveniently fused with a holistic corporate complex supported by the exclusive provision of the MARK@MATIC support system.
Hope to hear from you soon

Tracey says:


Im looking for 20 000USD to purchase additional equipment and relocate a highly lucrative weightloss womens gym to bigger premisses. Gross profit margins of 50% pa. Overwhelming number of clients on waiting list to join the gym. Business plan and financials available on request. Loan payback period 24 months. Interest rates highly negotiable. Contact me. Zimbabwe

Hanno says:

I want to start an Aquaponic business ( fish & vegetables ) I have put together a business plan … but now I need the money. My problem is that I need +- R 7.5 million and I do not have any cash that I could put into the business. Where do I start ? especially being I white male in SA !

Derek James says:

Hi there to all investors

I am looking for an investor or investors that can help me by funding a restuarant and pub in a holyday town.

I want to by a pub and Restuarant in south africa the business is running and it is doing very well I have had a restuarant and pub before so I do know how to run and operate this business.

The reason I’m looking for an investor is because I don’t have the finances to fund this business. I have a full business plan and my C.V. available if you would like to look at it.

I hope to hear from you soon


Derek James.

Charles Kumwenda says:

Iam a SME consultant in Malawi with a number of Entrepreneurs seeking angel investors across the globe.

I feel you may provide the link. Please contact me via the email above.

Diabetes has now become a pandemic and South Africa is no different to the rest of the world.
“A healthy diabetic lives longer” and he or she is only that way by gaining knowledge and related education. In KZN the numbers of those with diabetes has increased by 26% since 2005. We urgently need to raise usd 500 000 to purchase a property that will be modified to suit the needs of an education centre (1st in SA). In the state system there are very few trained nursing staff to educate those who have diabetes, so this training will form part of the venture,and provide diabetes education at no cost to those that cannot afford it. This in itself will serve to save the lives of those diagnosed but not educated.

If anyone has any suggestions please write to me.
John Andersen
Diabetes South Africa-Durban

Corne says:

I have started a fin dining Restaurant 5 years ago, grew from a 24 seater shop to a current 100 seater.
I am looking at investing in a property, as we are currently leasing a shop in a quiet neigbourhood centre. The property will offer us the opportunity to add a boutique hotel with 8 suites. a 120 seater fine dining restaurant and we will be able to cater for small weddings (120pax) which will improve revenue.
We seek an investor to contribute R3’000’000.00 to finance the property and capital equipment. We have a large steady customer base. The current shop will be converted into a Deli / lounge restaurant.

Should there be any serious investors out there, please email me, I will email all the relevant info business plan and marketing strategies to build the Nuvo brand.

Eddy says:

I am a Business Analyst in the Electronis Funds Transfer Point Of Sale, Electronic Voucher Distribution, EFT & Payroll, Debit & Credit Card Acquiring etc systems.

An opportunity exists in Zimbabwe, my home Country, for business in this regard. Currently there are some few companies doing EVD but devoting the whole terminal into selling prepaid airtime.

I intend to put the skills i have acquired so far to use by open a business venture that would ensure that we optimise use the the terminal by running multiple applications(systems) on the same terminal thereby incresing returns for both the merchant and the business. I have already done my thorough research and the viability of this business cannot be underestimated. I am looking at an investment loan of about R4million covering Server infrastructure, 300 startup terminals, furniture and fittings and other startup costs. The terms and conditions for this loan will be discussed and signed for through legal representatives of both sides.

I worked for the largest cellular service provider in Zimbabwe before moving to South Africa where my skills in this business have vastly improved since currently i am responsible for Africa Projects.

My contact mail is

Kobus says:

Hi Eric, we are a marine diamond mining company operating and well know on the West Coast. What makes us different is, that not only, are we the developers of new technology for our industry, but we also own our Mineral Rights. Corporates and the establishment do not fund marine mining operations since the capital cost is relatively low and the risk is not worth their while. We therefore fund our operations from private and arm chair investors and we can accommodate investments from R100 000- upwards. We don’t make any claims as to the returns since successful marine diamond mining is highly lucrative and we have a generous dividend policy. Serious Investors that is looking for something more exciting and highly rewarding can visit our website at or e-mail me at

Thabiso Nkhasi says:

A wellness couch who needs a start up funding to establish an upmarket nutritional club, potential market area’s identified and a good product with a history and reputation. Clientelle already inplace