Do you have a blog? Do you have bad links?

While searching for something else earlier tonight, (doesn’t that always happen!!), I stumbled upon this great tool for finding if any of the links (both internal or external) on your website or blog, are broken.

It’s called the broken link check

It’s a free tool, so I decided to see if any links on this site were broken. Were any broken? Hell yeah!!!

Processed 834 web pages, found 289 broken links

Interesting Point 1: 834 pages, I didn’t have a clue how many pages were in my site

Interesting Point 2: 289 broken links!

So I started wading through the broken links and fixing them, and it’s now been an hour and i’m halfway through.

Other than a couple of real links that have gone dead as the sites no longer exist, I’ve found the following:

1. Quite a few bloggers type the wrong URL’s when giving a comment

2. Some of my pages had been modified to include a couple of dodgy links (and on the same colour text as the background page, so no-one would ever notice!!!) – I remember I had someone edit a few pages of my site when I was using an outdated version of wordpress, but thought I had found all the edit’s and deleted them – I hadn’t!!! I’ve never seen so many online pharmacy links in one posting!!!!

Anyway, I’m halfway through fixing the links, so back to work…

But why not try let it link your site, and see what links are broken on your site or blog, and let me know what you think of the software. Just make sure if you make a comment, you get the URL right!!! 🙂

Eric EdelsteinDo you have a blog? Do you have bad links?