Rosetta Stone Hebrew Review

About 5 or 6 years back I had a desire to learn to speak Hebrew, and so looked at the different software packages on the net. This was before the cloud and so there wasn’t the options that there are today. There wasn’t an online cloud based version where I could learn by speaking to real Hebrew speakers. And gamification was still in it’s infancy. At that stage, most people if they bought on the internet, would expect something to be delivered to them by the postal system – and at that stage, I was one of those people.

Buying Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone Hebrew Packaging

Rosetta Stone Hebrew Packaging

After looking at all the different options for learning Hebrew, I decided that the best one was Rosetta Stone. Rosetta Stone is a big company, I think listed on the US market, which offers language training in many different languages. For the Hebrew version, they had 3 levels, and I decided to purchase the first level of Hebrew.

At the time of checkout, there was a special offer, which convinced me to buy all 3 levels or the Rosetta Stone Hebrew training course.

Receiving the Rosetta Stone CD’s

A couple weeks later, I picked up my parcel at the post office. I installed the software on my computer, and they also included a number of CD’s for listening in a CD player to practice each level. As I had purchased all 3 levels of learning Hebrew, and each level consisted of 4 sessions (with many sub-sessions in between), there were 12 CD’s.

The early days of practicing Rosetta Stone

For a couple weeks, I spent a bit of time going through level 1 on CD 1 of my new Hebrew course. And learned a very important lesson – without a goal, and an end vision, there is little chance of succeeding.

And this was the case of my love affair with Rosetta Stone – after a few weeks, other things became more important, and I forget about the course.

7 becomes 14

Fast forward a couple years, and I now have an objective for learning Hebrew, and luckily I still had the software, and after a quick conversation with the Rosetta Stone customer support, I had installed it on my new Mac and was ready to start learning. (Keep in mind, I’m still using the old version of Rosetta Stone – there is now a number of online elements, such as live speaking to native Hebrew speakers, which look amazing, but I haven’t tried them out)

Rosetta Stone is now double the cost in rands compared to a few years back thanks to the Rand Dollar exchange rate!

When I bought the course, the rand dollar exchange rate was R7 to $1. It’s now double that, or even more at around R15 to $1. So luckily I bought the course a couple years ago!

First Hebrew word using Rosetta Stone

First Hebrew word using Rosetta Stone

Initial thoughts on Rosetta Stone

I’ve now been doing the Rosetta Stone course for just under 2 months, and it’s great. I’ve just finished Level 1, and although I don’t remember everything that I’ve learned along the way, I’ve picked up a lot, and now understand a little more than I did 2 months back.

What have I learned? I’ll go into detail in my next posting…

Eric EdelsteinRosetta Stone Hebrew Review