What is Coning? Is it Planking 2.0?

A while back I heard about planking, which basically means lying down on a ledge and taking a pic of yourself. Sometimes, the participants planked in dangerous places, and their were injuries.

Tonight I heard about the latest craze, which is called Coning.

The objective – and you’re probably not going to believe this –  is to drive into a drive-in, (in America, Coning seems to take place at Burger King and Wendy’s, while in South Africa, McDonalds seems to be the most popular choice), order an ice-cream cone, and then take the cone from the attendant by grabbing the ice-cream, and not the cone!!!

But that’s not where it ends…

The other people in the car are recording the whole things…


and they do the following things:

  1. Takes a video of the attendants expression on their face, when the person in the car takes the cone with their hands
  2. Takes a video of the person in the car, with their hands holding the ice-cream (& sometimes the other people in the car knock the ice-cream around the car!!!)
  3. Uploads the video’s onto YouTube & Facebook, and other sites which are specifically for coning pics & video’s

Even Justin Bieber seems to be jumping onto the Coning craze – there’s a video of him driving around LA (k, I’m guessing, it could be anywhere in the states) ordering ice-creams, taking them the wrong way round, and then getting his friends to record the whole thing!

Planking, Coning!!!!! What’s next!!!!

Eric EdelsteinWhat is Coning? Is it Planking 2.0?
Catherine says:

There’s also ‘owling’. Some of my JHB friends do it. You perch yourself on precarious things, on your haunches. Luckily there’s no ‘batting’ yet – hanging upside-down is not a good look…

haha. good catch! what a slip up on my side…

me says:

Its a drive-through not a drive-in(unless Mcdonalds and kfc are slow and show movies while you wait)